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    The True Confessions of a Suicide Survivor

    Fighting seven years of crippling depression in a chaotic dysfunctional family, Kerri can't imagine living another day without hope. She decides to end it all….!

    In the wake of a failed suicide attempt, she is terrifyingly “imprisoned” in a Mental Health Hospital to which, when released, she will be returned unless she strictly follows the new house rules. Now she is lonelier than ever as she is ostracized at school for what she has attempted to do and failed at. After all, she learns, no-one wants to talk to a freak!

    In a bid to re-unite the family, her parents take her to sunny Florida for an amazing Disney World experience where she meets Trevor, the boy of her dreams. Then, she discovers, to her dismay -- he lives an ocean away from her!

    Quickly falling in love, a long distance relationship ensues. In a time when email and texting does not exist can Kerri and Trevor keep their relationship going? Can Kerri re-build her life and get back to a new “normal”?

    “Out of the Darkness and Into the Light” is Kerri’s shocking, heartbreaking and sometimes funny account of self-discovery, acceptance, strength and love, sure to resonate in the hearts of all who read it.

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    Very well-written memoir

    ‘Out of the Darkness Into the Light” is not only a captivating, entertaining, and well-written memoir – but it is also one with a powerful theme and a lesson of strength and perseverance that I’m sure many people can relate to. Kerri may have a background that is much different than my own, but that didn’t prevent me whatsoever from truly connecting with many of her experiences. I must also note that the narration is top quality which had me completely immersed into Kerri’s story within the first few chapters and hooked until the very end.

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