• Best Life Now

  • Dear Administrators, Educators and Friends:

    Thirty years ago, for me, life as a teenager was very difficult at the best of times. Being a teenager and young adult today is in most cases, UNBEARABLE. 

    “According to WHO, approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide, that is about one death every 40 seconds or 3,000 per day. For each individual who takes his/her own life, at least 20 attempt to do so.”

    “The CDC reports: While suicide does not seem terribly common, it is nevertheless a major cause of death.  It is the third leading cause of death for youth ages 15 to 24. The only two things that cause more death among teenagers are accidents (usually in the car) and homicide. And even younger children do not escape. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 14.”

    As a Suicide Survivor, I know firsthand how students are feeling these days.  Our children are struggling with depression, feeling ostracized, trying to deal with gender discrimination which typically leads to self-harming and suicidal thoughts. Not knowing how to seek help or whom from, they may make the decision to take a permanent solution to a temporary problem. 

    When I was a teenager, at the end of the school day, students would be able to leave campus knowing no matter how difficult their day was, they could go home to their “safe place”.  That is not the case today.  

    Today the bullying does not stop when the students go home.  In an age of instant communication, students are harassed by texting, FB, Twitter, and other social mediums. The bullying never stops.   

    Kerri Gardner’s “BEST LIFE NOW!” Tour connects students emotionally and gives them tools and inspiration to manage everyday “trials and tribulations” while excitedly having a new perspective on their lives!

    Benefits from 45/ONE-HOUR presentation:

    • Importance of Self-Love 
    • HELP is one letter away from HOPE 
    • School Administrators & Students unite against drugs, peer pressure and bullying 
    • Students who are depressed, exhibit self-injurious behavior (cutting), (pulling out hair), (burning), (Carving) and or have suicidal thoughts are getting help
    • Teens and young adults will be taught how important mindset is, goal setting, and realizing self love is the answer to happiness and a successful future!