• Coming Out Of The Fire Podcast with Faydra Koeing featuring Kerri Gardner – Youth Motivational Speaker, Author & Suicide Survivor

  • Out Of The Fire Podcast with Faydra Koeing You may have heard Kerri Eileen Gardner‘s story; Youth Motivational Speaker, Author & Suicide Survivor, but I bet you never heard it told like this before.

    Grab your listen here: http://doinglifewithfaydra.com/podcast/kerri-gardner

    Kerri Gardner was kicked in the head by a pony as a child, which lead to seizures, which lead to medication, which lead to depression, which lead to a suicide attempt.
    Teen Suicide is a real threat to our younger generation and many things cause the anxieties and depression that result in teen death by suicide. In Kerri’s instance, the medication used to control her seizures was the contributing factor to her depression.

    In this powerful episode, Kerri describes how the effects of Phenobarbital caused severe depression and living in a “black hole” from the ages of 6-13.

    Unable to stop her depression, Kerri quietly crafted a plan to kill herself while her mom and step-father went on their Bingo-date-night. The only reason she failed was a friend contacted her at just the right time.

    Just a few days later!……

    Loved waking up to this message about Kerri Eileen Gardner‘s episode this week on Coming Out of the Fire!

    “Hi Faydra,

    I just listened to your podcast with Kerri Gardner. Such good stuff.

    The story really resonated with me. Partly because I’ve been there. Three years ago, I was five minutes away from ending it all. Then I realized I was taking a permanent (and final) solution for a temporary problem.

    I was stuck in a corporate job, that should have been ideal, but wasn’t. I felt so hopeless.

    A few months later, I was laid off from work, and I was thrilled beyond belief. I set out on a mission to figure out my purpose in life–for real.
    My life has turned around 180 degrees since then.”- Steve G

    You can grab your listen here: http://doinglifewithfaydra.com/podcast/kerri-gardner