• The Law Of Attraction

  • Law-of-AttractionLike me, you have probably heard of the Law of Attraction… but now, I can prove that it really works because it worked for me. We have a great life now, but I want it to be even better so I visualize how my days and weeks will go and I make goals to achieve that ideal life that I have visualized for our future. We work really hard to create our dream life. A while ago we went on the magic Disney cruise and it was a dream come true for my family.

    We had the cruise paid for as well as the flights booked but we forgot to save money for spending. We solved that problem by applying for a Disney visa credit card. But I advise all of you reading not to use credit cards. (Since that cruise, we have learnt to not ever use credit cards and now we pay only in cash.) The whole 3-week cruise was expensive, but it was worth it. We spent a week in Barcelona and the rest of the trip on the Magic Disney cruise. We had a great time in Barcelona and even rented a flat while we were there.

    Since I forgot to save money for spending, the tip money was also forgotten as well. As I have been a waitress, I understand more than anyone the importance of tips. How were we going to come up with the money to pay off the credit card and have enough to make the tips? As I was figuring this out and Trevor was out of the room getting tea, the Captain made an announcement. He said that a $10,000 jackpot was going to be awarded at the end of the ship’s cruise. Wow. There was the solution to my problem and this was going to happen in 1 hour. I knew in my guts that I was going to win!

    I was so excited, that I started to write about getting the money that I needed for the Disney pictures, for the tips, for the credit card and other living expenses that we needed in the coming months. When Trevor returned and I told him about the jackpot and the things I planned doing with it, he was surprised at me and thought I was being ridiculous because he didn’t believe we could win. I was so excited, I just kept on visualizing it. I tried to keep calm and happy, because you have to when you really want to attract something good. We made our way to the hall and we got our electronic boards and started playing. My electronic plate started filling out and eventually I won the Disney Bingo! Trevor was so happy, he filmed it all.

    So make your lives fulfilling and be happy. Live your life as you want to because it’s your amazing life, which comes only once!