• Kerri Gardner is a Youth Motivational Speaker, Author and Suicide Survivor.  She is also a wife and mother to 3 amazing kids. Watch the 4 min demo video to your right, about the "BENEFITS OF LIVING".  Click the "Contact tabs" to book Kerri for your next speaking engagements.

    Kerri is an optimist, a true leader, and a believer that we all can have our “BEST LIVES NOW,” regardless of the pain from the past or current circumstances.   Kerri believes we live in an abundant world full of exciting new opportunities.  She feels that with positive consistent action toward your dreams, you can produce a happier, more fulfilling life of your own design.  Kerri lives with her husband and their three children in Raleigh, North Carolina.




  • When I was a teenager, at the end of the school day, students would be able to leave campus knowing no matter how difficult their day was, they could go home to their "safe place".  That is not the case today.  

    Today the bullying does not stop when the students go home.  In an age of instant communication, students are harassed by texting, FB, Twitter, and other social mediums. The bullying never stops.   Our children are struggling with depression, feeling ostracized, gender discrimination which typically leads to self-harming and suicidal thoughts . 

    Kerri Gardner's “BEST LIFE NOW!” Tour connects students emotionally and gives them tools and inspiration to manage everyday "trials and tribulations" while excitedly having a new perspective on their lives!


  • Out Of The Darkness Into The Light is Kerri Gardner's true story. It chronicles her suicide attempt and how she persevered beyond that. So not only is it a survival story, but it's also a love story. Having seen Kerri recently at The New Year New You Conference at Duke University, it's great to see how she presents that information to her audience. She's very candid in explaining what happened, she's also very emotional when she tells her story, and she's pretty humorous in the process. It's a great way to connect to the audience, especially with children these days with the pressures they are under. I think Kerri's story needs to be heard not only in the classroom, but also beyond because her story could help save a life. So by all means I think Kerri's worth booking for your next event.

    Ric Swiner - Administrator

  • I've lost more than one person in my life to suicide, and I've been touched by the attempts of many, many others. This book takes you from the author's pain as a young woman that led her to attempt a permanent solution to a temporary problem, to the healing and restoring power of love that lasts a lifetime. It is a great read for all who are young, were young, or are parents to the young-- in other words, all of us!

    Thomas V. Wiggins

  • The first chapter of this book is an open window with a vivid view of one child's pain and suffering. It is a war cry on behalf of children everywhere that should shake us and wake us from the rituals and/or duties of our daily lives to take a closer look at our children. They are people too... God bless you Kerri Gardner for being courageous enough to sound a warning bell.

    Mandy H.